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Performance: Tween 80 also known as polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate is a kind of oily liquid from yellow to amber under room temperature will become gel when temperature drop and liquefy again when temperature rise with special odor and bitter taste; it is soluble in water sulfuric acid dilute alkali aniline ethyl acetate and toluene while insoluble in vegetable oil and mineral oil
Uses: Tween 80 is a kind of O/W emulsifier it is widely used as emulsifier dispersant stabilizer dispersing agent softening agent antistatic agent finishing agent in industries such as medicine cosmetics paint textile food pesticides and detergents and used as anti-rust agent in metal surface rust cleaning industry meanwhile it is also used as the viscosity reducer for oil exploitation and transportation
Packing: 200kg iron drum/200kg HDPE drum/50kg white HDPE drum;
Storage: cool and dry warehouse inside airproof packages away from sunshine;
ITEMS Unit Standard
APPERANCE -- Amber viscous liquid
Acid value Mg KOH/g ≤2
Saponification value Mg KOH/g 45-55
Hydroxyl value Mg KOH/g 65-85
Moisture % ≤3.0
HLB value -- 15.0
Note: we can amend the specification slightly according to customer demand.