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Span-80 Sorbitan Oleate

Performance: Sorbitan oleate aslo known as span 80 is oily liquid with color from amber to brown the relative density is 102.9 melting point 10-12℃ flash point 210℃ with fatty odor insoluble in water soluble in hot oil and organic solvent not dissolve in isopropyl alcohol four vinyl chloride xylene cottonseed oil mineral oil is a kind of advanced lipophilic emulsifier;
Uses: Span 80 can be applied as raw material of many chemical as leveling agent dispersing agent penetrating agent cleaner softening agent antistatic agent refining agent thickening agent deformer pearling agent release agent fixing agent pesticides softener preparation agent etc. it is widely used in many industries including textile printing and dyeing paint chemical fiber medicine pesticide chemical fertilizer rubber plastic etc.
Packing: 200kg iron drum/200kg HDPE drum/50 kg white HDPE drum;
Storage: cool and dry warehouse inside airproof packages away from sunshine;